TJ cooking in Possibilities

Possibilities Reaches Five-Year Milestone!

Discover Goodwill’s innovative Possibilities program, serving individuals with intellectual and physical challenges, is celebrating five years in operation on May 7! Since opening in 2012, 461 participants have benefited from the nationally-recognized, first-of-its-kind learning center housed within a state-of-the-art town square setting. Possibilities’ community-based model includes an art studio, interactive apartment, health center, community center, fitness center, credit union, general store and city hall. Participants learn hands-on life skills in the classroom, practice them within the Possibilities community and apply them to their everyday lives.

Possibilities participant and Discover Goodwill’s 2016 Achiever of the Year Todd (TJ) Ikehara is a shining example of the program’s early success. Applying the many skills acquired since joining Possibilities just months after its launch, TJ has made great strides toward greater independence. Every Friday, the always-energized and determined young man independently travels to his favorite coffee shop for his morning latte and a breakfast burrito. Adding to his excitement, TJ earns a BONUS burrito after getting 10 punches on his “customer loyalty” card! Staff and customers enjoy TJ’s presence so much, he has received “honorary employee” status. His hard work and contagious smile make TJ a positive role model for his peers and a crowning example of Possibilities’ life-changing impact.

Possibilities staff and volunteers are very excited about this huge milestone. Their hard work and dedication make this program a remarkable success!

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