Anna Cordova

Discover Goodwill Helps Anna Achieve Independence

In 2013, while many vacation-goers were flocking to Anna’s residing state of Hawaii for fun and relaxation, the newly-single mother wanted to flee “Paradise” to pursue a better life for herself and her two young children. As a young adult, Anna faced a broken and irreconcilable marriage that deflated her spirit and placed significant stress on her kids. Fortunately, Anna finally found the personal resolve to end an unhealthy relationship with her children’s father and head to Colorado as a necessary step to finding newfound freedom, and a more hopeful future for her kids.

After arriving in Colorado Springs, Anna determinedly searched for resources to assist her displaced and directionless family. Soon after, Anna was referred to Discover Goodwill’s Career Development Center, where her assigned case manager helped identify and address her most pressing needs: a place to live, reliable transportation and care for her children. Navigating these hurdles inspired Anna to keep going toward her goal of a career in Archaeology.

With Discover Goodwill’s assistance, Anna furthered her college education and earned her Master’s Degree. As part of Anna’s academic training, she was assigned an internship in the university’s Geography Department, and her passion for the trade, strong work ethic and drive eventually inspired her current employer, the City of Colorado Springs, to create a first-ever, full-time position as their Lead Archaeologist.

Although her journey began in the shadows of uncertainty, Goodwill helped Anna discover the full potential within her, and plant the seed for a renewed life of personal fulfillment, financial stability, and lasting independence for herself and children.

See her story here.

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