Anni Gets a Little LIFT and a Great Job

Anni Mezzofante and family

Anni Gets a Little LIFT and a Great Job

Anni Mezzofante, like many wives and significant others in the Colorado Springs community, is a dedicated military spouse. She stood by her husband, Joe, through numerous deployments during his 21-year military career. Recently, Joe suffered a traumatic brain injury in the line of duty. Although he received excellent care from the Veterans’ Administration, he struggled with short-term memory loss and disorientation, and was unable to work.

Despite Anni’s life-long track record of facing and overcoming major challenges, after 14-years as a stay-at-home mom caring for their two daughters, she was suddenly confronted with the daunting task of returning to the workforce … along with the hard reality that looking for work can be a full-time job itself. Because Anni had been “out of the game” for such a long time, even the job application and interview processes seemed overwhelming.

Anni had previously earned two Bachelor’s degrees in business and economics, so she had the academic qualifications to secure a good job. However, she soon realized that she needed to learn new marketable skills to compete in the current employment climate. Thankfully, Discover Goodwill was ready and able to help!

Through our collaboration with El Paso County Department of Human Services and Pikes Peak Workforce Center, Anni was referred to Discover Goodwill’s LIFT Training Epicenter, where she received hands-on training to become an IT Help Desk Administrator, a fast-growing field offering competitive pay and ample opportunities for advancement. Anni passed her first certification test, was hired by a major wealth management company and loves her new job. Joe continues his recovery, bolstered by the financial peace of mind he and Anni now enjoy, and loves being a stay-at-home dad.

All military wives and husbands are heroes. And now, Anni has earned another “medal of honor” as the breadwinner for her family. All she needed was a little “LIFT”

Learn more about Discover Goodwill’s LIFT Training Epicenter here.

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