New Mayor of Possibilities Sworn into Office

New Mayor of Possibilities Sworn into Office

Please join us in congratulating Stephen K., the new mayor of Possibilities, Discover Goodwill’s life-skills program for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Stephen started his term this month and is thoroughly enjoying his new role. Stephen began attending Possibilities in 2013 and during that time, his personality and creativity have blossomed. Stephen’s favorite thing about Possibilities is the people. Stephen says, “They put their life’s blood and passion into this program.” During Stephen’s mayoral campaign, he shared his simple but impactful goal for the upcoming year: LISTEN.

Stephen loves learning, traveling, architecture, art and history. He talked about a recent family trip to China, and in particular how he enjoyed seeing the Yangtze River with its levees to prevent flooding.

Cecilia Buckman, Possibilities Activity Lead, shared, “So many people admire Stephen’s creativity. We recently held our talent show, and Stephen built a model of the Parthenon from straws and cardboard. It was so beautifully detailed and meticulously crafted.” Stephen also enjoys coming up with ideas for community outings. Given his love of history, Colorado Springs’ Money Museum is a favorite destination for its displays of ancient currency.

Stephen shared, “I have always liked people. I like listening to people.” Brendan, a fellow Possibilities participant, added, “Stephen is outgoing, personable and friendly. He’s a great guy. He likes to have fun and be serious at the same time.”

Thank you, Stephen, for your leadership and desire to help Possibilities become an even better community for our participants.

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