Mellowny Becton: 2016 Community Employee of the Year

Mellowny Becton: 2018 Community Employee of the Year

It’s no wonder that Mellowny’s name encompasses the word “mellow”—a fitting description of the 36-year-old’s positive attitude and easy-going nature despite her life-long struggle with multiple developmental challenges. During her childhood, Mellowny was bullied and ostracized by her peers but she found a way to channel her frustration by embracing her unique qualities and making friends with others who were also labeled “different.”

Mellowny started working for Discover Goodwill’s janitorial services at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2016, and her attention to detail and willingness to learn new tasks helped her thrive on the job, whether dutifully cleaning stairwells or spraying down showers with her favorite tool of the trade: the shower machine. Off the clock, Mellowny is an accomplished, award-winning artist who has displayed and sold numerous pieces at art exhibits. She also cherishes time with her friends and roommates, and never shies away from a good cup of coffee with accompanying sweets.

Since joining Discover Goodwill, Mellowny has enjoyed a “clean sweep” of her own—including a fulfilling job, her own home, a new car and greater independence in life.

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