Re-Blogged From The Goodwill ® Blog by Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

Why do we work? It seems like a simple question. However, there is more to it because we have different motivations. When we understand ourselves, we can make better job search and career advancement decisions. With that in mind, let’s explore some reasons.

#1 Love of the challenge

We like to continue to learn, develop our skills, and advance in our career.

#2 Social interactions

Many jobs allow us to work alongside co-workers or customers. The chance to collaborate and to socialize with others can be energizing.

#3 Sense of ownership

Many of us enjoy making decisions that are supported by management. We do not necessarily have to be in charge; we want to be entrusted to do our job and afforded the latitude to make decisions within the parameters of our responsibility.

#4 Sense of purpose and meaning

We want to know that our work matters. Are we helping others or making the world better? Goodwill® is a prime example. Local Goodwill organizations provide a myriad of services to equip individuals in reaching their career goals.

Perhaps you have heard about employees being engaged. Engaged workers often cite one or more of those four areas above as reasons they are passionate about their job.

Are you an engaged employee? Do you know your why? When you do, it will help you seek opportunities where you can be an engaged employee.

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