Re-blogged from the Goodwill Blog By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

If you are beginning your career, I’d like to offer some advice to consider as you advance. Let’s get started!

#1. Learn from others

Listen to and learn from colleagues. Ask for insights and help to accelerate learning so you can add value quickly. Consider connecting with mentors, experienced colleagues you trust to have your development in mind. They can offer advice a number of topics, not all work related.

#2. Network, network, network

Now more than ever, knowing someone to put in a good word for you can help land an interview. Participate in networking events, get involved in your community and consider volunteering. Use LinkedIn and other social media to stay connected with contacts from work, school or paths. Keep up relationships after landing a job to sustain your network.

#3. Continuous improvement

When starting a new job, it is easy to be busy with the work, family or other interests. Keep skills building and continuing education high in your priorities. Additional training, certifications or other competency building will keep you relevant in the labor market.

#4. Learning often includes some failing

We have all read stories about famous people who failed to succeed early in their careers. Persistence, believing in yourself, expanding your abilities, and working hard all contribute to success. Do not be discouraged when things do not always go as planned; life is a journey, and we are all learning.

Good luck with the launch of your new career!

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