I Had No Idea

I Had No Idea…

“I Had No Idea… My donated shoes helped 10,844 Coloradoans receive job training.”

“I Had No Idea… My donated clothing helped place 4,738 individuals in jobs.”

“I Had No Idea… My donations helped employ 3,000 Coloradans.”

You get the idea, right?

It’s something we hear all the time here at Goodwill of Colorado. The simple act of donating your gently used items to Goodwill of Colorado sets into motion a cycle of good that provides life-changing programs to thousands of people in your community.

Goodwill stores are more than retail centers—they are opportunity centers that provide a way to change individuals’ lives for the better. Goodwill believes in the power of work and annually helps more than 105,000 individuals with disabilities, seniors, youth, veterans and military families, people

reintegrating into society and others with barriers to employment. In 2020 your generous donations helped Goodwill of Colorado employ over 3,000 Coloradans and provide training and career services for 7,310 people. You had no idea, right?!

Earth Day is April 20th-22nd

Keeping our planet clean and healthy is important to us here at Goodwill. We believe in “People, Planet and Community,” and uphold this by repurposing your donations into life-changing programs for Coloradans in need. When you donate your gently used items, you’re keeping them from ending up in a landfill, and helping us do our part to reduce environmental waste and increase recycling efforts here in Colorado. We are always looking for ways to develop innovative and eco-friendly systems and community partnerships to work towards zero waste.

You may have also “had no idea” that:

  • Our stores, outlets, and recycling partners help us divert 88% of all donated materials from landfills
  • Our recycling program employs approximately 170 individuals
  • In 2020 we recycled 478.3 tons of computers through Dell Reconnect
  • 174,957,540 pounds of donations were received or repurposed in 2020
  • We’re a proud Silver Partner and member of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program

Earth Day is a great time to examine personal habits and think through ways to live more sustainably. Even small changes can make a big difference! Clean out your closet and other storage areas in your home and donate the things you no longer need. You’re not only giving those items a second life but helping the lives of others allowing them to earn jobs, advance their careers, and care for their families.


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