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Why I Love Working at Goodwill of Colorado

Here at Goodwill of Colorado, we believe that we succeed because of our team members.  When you join the Goodwill team, you also join the Goodwill family. We are committed to giving our employees what they need to be successful, and offer many opportunities to learn new skills to help grow our team members’ careers.

As a single mother of four, Cate Tabor has battled a variety of hardships throughout her life: homelessness, financial instability, and a cognitive disorder. After an abusive relationship forced Cate into homelessness, she found a position as a part-time cashier at Goodwill of Colorado, and quickly learned a lot about running a successful retail operation. Within a couple of months, she moved into a full-time position, and from there “climbed the ladder” to lead cashier, to an assistant manager, and finally to a store manager. She’s now a top-performing store manager in her 16th year of employment with Goodwill!

When you work at Goodwill, you’re not just working, you’re also learning! Working at Goodwill, you’ll learn more about the community that we serve, items that are donated, and our dedication to sustainability and the planet. The more knowledge you have, the more you can give back to the community around you!


Pictured: Cate Tabor

“I’ve learned so much working here,” said Cate. “Not just about how to manage 50-60 employees, but I’ve also learned so much about the Goodwill mission and what thrift is all about. It’s such a great opportunity to learn the bones about working in retail, and what makes Goodwill even more unique is that by working at Goodwill you’ll learn about different brands and antique items that come through. If I hadn’t started out here, I never would have learned everything that I have.”

“If you don’t believe in yourself, and somebody comes along and does, then you start to think ‘Maybe I am doing a good job,’” continued Cate. “My career has grown. I love my store, I love my community, I love my employees. Goodwill will not let you fail; they are in this together with you.”

Employment with Goodwill allows you to create connections and build your confidence. We believe that each employee is an essential part of our mission, and we value them accordingly. Our work culture fosters the maximum potential of each individual, encourages self-sufficiency, mutual respect, and the recognition of successes. Our employees feel the empowerment that comes from seeing their work benefit others in need, and you’ll end your day knowing you changed lives for the better.

Join a great retail team that makes a real difference! Check out all of the amazing opportunities we have available on our website here, and apply today: https://goodwillcolorado.org/goodwill-jobs/ . And be sure to join us June 30th 10am to 6pm at our Hiring Event with open interviews happening at all retail stores and outlets statewide: https://goodwillcolorado.org/event/hiring-event-open-interviews/.  You might get hired on the spot and launch a new career!

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