Possibilities Takes a Field Trip

Possibilities Takes a Field Trip!

Empowering independence is part of our mission and vision here at Goodwill of Colorado. We offer a wide selection of customized, innovative, and supportive programs and services for individuals, families and businesses—whether they’re seeking care for loved ones with developmental or aging challenges or looking for job assistance or advancement. One such program that empowers independence for individuals with disabilities is Possibilities , the first-of-its-kind in the nation with a 14,000 square-foot simulated community.

Aiming to help individuals with developmental disabilities explore all possibilities, Possibilities uses a highly-innovative, successful learning model and an advanced curriculum that engages program participants through a series of new interactions and experiences. —By providing our participants the opportunity to learn and practice everyday activities such as doing laundry, cooking meals, creating art projects and exercising in the gym,   they develop new life skills along with building their self-esteem and confidence.

Since March, the Colorado Rampage, a Tier 1 AAA Hockey team that travels all over the country, has been volunteering at the Goodwill Monument retail store. In the spirit of generosity, the team invited our Possibilities group to take a field trip to one of their hockey scrimmages—a great opportunity to show the players and their parents one of the programs that our retail stores support.

Rampage Hockey Team

The boys on the hockey team greatly enjoyed meeting the participants who directly benefit from their consistent volunteer efforts, and the Possibilities participants loved the exciting live sporting event.

The hockey team went all out to make it a true spectator experience for our Possibilities participants! Team members met and greeted our participants and handed them their tickets to the game, and the concession stand was even opened to hand out water and snacks as the participants enjoyed the scrimmage. One attendee even shared with us that he “Really liked this!”

Thanks to the Colorado Rampage for making this fun afternoon outing a “win-win” for our Possibilities participants!

Possibilities Participants Watching

We are so grateful to the Colorado Rampage Hockey team for giving our Possibilities participants an experience they will ever forget!

Interested in volunteering? We offer flexible volunteering options for both individuals and organizations. Share your knowledge, professional expertise, or special interests to help individuals lead more independent and purpose-filled lives. Learn more about volunteering at Goodwill today.

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