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IFMA and Goodwill of Colorado Partner to Provide Career Pathways

As part of a recent announcement from Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency (CASR), $2.1 million was awarded in contracts through its taxpayer-supported Climate Protection fund that will create and expand clean energy jobs for the Denver area. The International Facility Management Association Foundation (IFMA) and Goodwill of Colorado partnered to receive part of this generous grant to create career pathways for Denver-area residents and provide a platform for individuals to improve environmental quality.

“Goodwill is one of the largest recyclers in the nation and is committed to the sustainability, safety, and beauty of our environment,” said Denise Krug, Vice President of Workforce Development and Community Programs for Goodwill of Colorado. “The work done in Facility Management helps with world concerns and continued social topics such as sustainability, energy conservation, clean air and water, health and wellness, economic development, and the future of work. Our partnership with IFMA allows us to continue to provide environmental leadership by teaching participants about integrating energy efficiency, clean energy, and carbon reduction into the operation and facility management of buildings.”

“The IFMA Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Goodwill of Colorado, who will offer a direct link between the local community organizations and their potential clients to create outreach campaigns that resonate with job seekers,” said Diane Levine, Executive Director at IFMA Foundation. “Their respected position and deep connections within the Denver community creates a level of trust for job seekers and community partners. This contract will have a significant impact on providing jobs at entry points into facility management careers, while at the same time, promoting a sustainable future for Denver.”

Goodwill believes in the Power of Work and annually helps more than 100,000 individuals with disabilities, older adults, youth, veterans and military families, and persons with barriers to employment achieve greater personal and economic independence through various career development programs.

This is Goodwill of Colorado’s first partnership into the world of apprenticeships, and the work supported by this program will have significant impact on providing jobs in facility management careers. Forty-five individuals will be accepted into the pre-apprenticeship program, where they will earn credentials towards their facilities management apprenticeship through courses taken. At the end of the pre-apprenticeship program, 15 individuals will be selected to move into the facilities management apprenticeship, where Goodwill will work with each of them to help get them placed into a facilities management position.

Pre-apprenticeship training will be provided at Goodwill’s main office located in Denver. At this time, only City and County of Denver residents are eligible, and anyone interested in learning more about the program or applying can visit our website here, or should contact ifmaprogram@goodwillcolorado.org.

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