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This Valentine’s Day, Take the Goodwill Date Night Challenge!

If you haven’t yet heard of the Goodwill Date Night Challenge… then today is definitely your lucky day. It’s an excuse to get creative and playful with your favorite Goodwill shopping companion — be it your significant other, best friend or fur baby. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it has even become a tradition for some couples to do the challenge before going out for the night. But during the pandemic, a lot of that tradition will need to pivot to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Photo: @gigi_pawdid_the_frenchie

For those of you new to the Goodwill Date Night Challenge, let me back up a bit! This fun outing challenges you and your shopping partner go into your local Goodwill with a set price limit and a goal to dress your partner. You’ll pick out outfits for each other within your price range, then go on a date wearing the outfit your partner bought for you. It’s a fun way to express yourselves and make a statement about your relationship.

You’ll see on social media, as a lot of people love posting pictures of the #GoodwillDate in their fun outfits, that some couples will choose something like a ballgown for their partner to wear on a casual date — think pizza night — while others will do their best to pick the wildest, most mismatched outfit for their loved one… all in great fun!

This year, the #GoodwillDate is still going strong, however everyone should ensure that they are being safe when shopping in store for both themselves and store employees. Wear a mask at all times and use hand sanitizer as frequently as possible. As many people are choosing to stay home for date night during the pandemic, those who are shy can have even more fun knowing you can truly go wild with your selected outfits because you’ll be celebrating at home and out of the public eye.

Photo: @kahla_sheree

Despite the restrictions of the pandemic, there are plenty of ways to have fun and show your loved ones you care this Valentine’s Day. By suggesting a #GoodwillDate, you’ll not only give yourselves a budget-friendly excursion that will be sure to be full of laughter, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get more creative and thoughtful about what you choose to do at home afterwards.

Need some pandemic-friendly date inspiration? Check out the ideas below from fellow Goodwill shoppers:

1. The At-Home Dinner Date 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of eating one too many TV dinners during the pandemic, because setting the dinner table felt too exhausting or repetitive. However, to make the night extra special, put some thought into your tablescape, like the love-themed table above, featuring items found at Goodwill. A little goes a long way here, and your special person will be sure to appreciate the extra effort.

Photo: @round_hill_nest

2. Dress for the Vacation (or Staycation) You Deserve

Photo: @sstudholme11

This fun-loving couple dressed up for a date night in their basement as part of the #GoodwillDate Challenge, wearing outfits they picked out for each other during an afternoon thrifting. If you’re not able to travel — as many of us are not right now — this is the perfect opportunity to play pretend for a night and treat yourself to an at-home, highly discounted, all-inclusive “resort.”

3. At-home Movie Date

Photo: @jennierootphotography

This empty-nesting couple decided to treat themselves to a #GoodwillDate because they didn’t want to take themselves too seriously! Do something out of your comfort zone and dress your loved one in mismatched colors, bright shoes, and fun patterns you typically wouldn’t wear! Then nestle in on the couch and treat yourselves to a big bowl of popcorn and your favorite movie.

4. Say Cheese – Photoshoot Date

Photo: @trin_jensen

I would be remiss to talk about the #GoodwillDate Challenge without including a photo from this iconic Goodwill-loving couple! They are such big fans of the challenge that they did it for their engagement photos! How romantic and fun, and such a beautiful show of their love and comfort with being silly with each other.

Whether you take your own photoshoot in your backyard or find a beautiful open field, be sure to take some photos of your challenge and tag #GoodwillDate when sharing to social media. Who knows, you might even be featured in a future blog or social post from Goodwill!

This blog originally appeared on Goodwill Industries International blog.

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