From Construction to Tech Expert: IT Training Success Story

Jason has thrived professionally in 2022.  After leaving his construction job and beginning his IT career at TekExperts, Jason’s salary has increased 28%. In addition to having a higher compensation, Jason’s work takes place inside a comfortable environment without strain on his body, a luxury he did not have before. How did Jason get here? Through Goodwill of Colorado’s LIFT IT Training program.

Jason had been dissatisfied in his construction job and began exploring other opportunities. Through his research, he was intrigued by the endless career paths in the technology sector. He then saw a news segment about Goodwill’s IT Training program where a woman spoke about how she had recently earned her CompTIA A+ certificate from LIFT and had moved forward in her career. Jason decided right then and there that he would apply for the program too.

Once accepted, Jason began studying for his CompTIA A+ certification while keeping his job and his family commitments. It was hard work, but Jason was dedicated to learning the materials through both individual study and the classroom experience. He also took advantage of the employment preparation opportunities the program offers. Jason attended Jobs Day, an annual event featuring the IT Training Business Advisor Council members who coach participants on effective resume, interviewing, networking, and soft skills tactics, followed by a meet and greet with employers. Jason was quick to take advantage of every networking opportunity and job posting sent his way.  

Jason’s work paid off; he was hired at TekExperts as a Tier 1 Tech. Four raises and one promotion later, he is now a Tier 2/Mentor. Every day, Jason applies what he learned from Goodwill while continuing to grow in the company. “My life has improved by leaps and bounds since receiving the skills training provided by Goodwill’s LIFT IT Training” Jason said.

If you are interested in growing your career in the information technology field, learn more about Goodwill’s LIFT IT Training program today!

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