This Season’s Show-Stopping Looks for Prom

You may only have a few weeks left to get outfitted for prom, but that doesn’t mean you need to panic! With a think-outside-the-box attitude and a little thrifting luck, you could still steal the spotlight with an on-trend, on-budget look. Here are some eye-catching ideas to inspire your search.


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April of Thrifted Transformations turned a loose, outdated second-hand dress into an incredible high-low, two-piece gown with her stellar sewing skills. With the help of someone who can sew, a Goodwill® dress and a good idea could bring you the best look of this prom season. Or, test your own basic sewing skills by starting small. A dress that has a great pattern and fit and a distinct waistline could be quickly seam ripped and re-finished by hand with satin ribbon trim to create a unique matching crop top and full skirt duo. Prom is one place where you really don’t want to show up in the same dress as someone else, but by altering a Goodwill find, you can guarantee that won’t happen while you still stick with current styles.

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Glitter is always an attention grabber, so find shoes that sparkle with every step and no one will be able to look away. These heels were spotted at a Goodwill Industries of South Central California’ (Bakersfield) store, but check your local shop for a similar pair. They could act as the statement piece for a simple, short or sheer-skirted dress (so popular this year!) or let them play peek-a-boo beneath a cascading gown. They could even jazz up your jeans at an after-prom party!

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Last weekend I had a blast at a wedding and prom event my local Goodwill held. While ladies shopped for their perfect attire, I overheard one person who was prepping for prom say to her friend, “I hate dresses! I never feel like myself in them.” Which made me think; why should she have to wear one? “Dressing up” doesn’t have to mean literally wearing a dress. It’s hard to have fun when you’re not feeling like yourself, but with a look like this Chanel-esque suit from Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey (Astoria, NY), she could have been both classy and comfortable. Styled with a glitzy clutch and heels (just like we mentioned before!) this is a formal ensemble that will certainly turn heads and is perfect for someone who prefers pants.

Goodwill organizations have earned the trust and support of more than 97 million donors in the United States and Canada, so you’re bound to find a bevy of attire options, including shoes, dresses, and jewelry, that are perfect for prom. Make a day of your thrifting adventures by bringing a friend along to help you track down the perfect look. When I’m shopping, I always find that it’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to help zip me up. Between them, your creativity and your favorite thrift store, your prom apparel will be both striking and one-of-a-kind.

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