Spring/Summer Wedding Trend Edit

By Felicia Czochanski

It’s finally turning into that season where you leave work most days and the sun is still out. Where you can walk around outside in the middle of the day and find yourself squinting at the sun shining down on you. Now that the snowstorms have finally come to an end and flowers are starting to bloom, love is certainly back in the warm springtime air!

According to The Knot’s Real Wedding study, approximately 78% of all weddings take place between the months of May and October. The warm, sunny weather makes this time ideal for outdoor weddings and the blossoming of plants and flowers makes for some beautiful wedding photos. If you’re finding your refrigerator getting full with cute “save the date” cards and invitations – and if fate has it that the weddings you’re invited to all fall within a span of a few weeks like mine do – you’re going to want to save some money where you can.

When it comes to weddings, there are few things you can skimp on – and weddings are expensive and you want your friend’s special day to be perfect! You’ll have to budget for transportation and accommodations, a wedding gift and your outfit. This can add up pretty quickly and thanks to social media and overlapping friend groups, you won’t want to wear the same dress twice.

The perfect solve is to start scouring the racks of your local Goodwill® stores for brand new (with tags still attached!) and like new dresses to wear to weddings and events this spring. You’ll be sure to find dresses that are up to 90% off retail price – believe me, I’m talking from experience here! – and are in perfect condition. Plus, while you’re helping your wallet and adding to your wardrobe during wedding season, you’re also helping out members of your community find employment and access to classes they need, which is funded completely by Goodwill. Truly a win-win!

Now for the Spring/Summer wedding trend edit, keep reading below!

1. Beach Wedding

woman on beach dressed in multicolored maxi dress

Photo: @maryorton

Weddings on the beach are both special and beautiful. You can combine some of the best nature the world has to offer while professing your love in front of friends and family. When attending a beach wedding, there’s one main thing to keep in mind – the wind. You’re going to want to avoid dresses with slits or the tendency to flip up and show everyone things they shouldn’t see. For this type of wedding, it’s important to stick with either a classy bodycon dress or a form-fitting maxi dress. While you’re at it – don’t even think about wearing heels on the sand! A chic metallic sandal will do the trick instead.

2. Black Tie Formal Wedding

woman dressed in light blue formal dress for wedding

Photo: @bycaitlinanne

Formal weddings are beautiful in their own way. Just imagine walking into an elegantly decorated ballroom where all the guests are dressed to the nines. For this dress code, you’ll want to pick out a floor length gown and a stunning pair of heels. If you’re indecisive about which gown to choose – light pastel blue is trending this season, which pairs perfectly with a silver heel.

3. Semi-Casual Wedding

semi-casual pink flowy wedding dress

Photo: hellofashionblog.com

When it comes to a semi-casual event, you’re going to want to take a hint from the friend or relative who’s getting married. What’s their style? If you showed up in a sundress would that suffice? If you came glammed out in a jumpsuit would they still be excited to see you? You can also gather clues from the wedding venue to see what type of attire would be most appropriate. For instance, if the wedding is being held at someone’s home, you can predict that both of those options would be appropriate. Key rule for this type of event? Wear something you’re comfortable in but still look put together and ready to celebrate!

4. Cocktail, Semi-Formal Wedding

red cocktail dress for wedding

Photo: @racheloveee

One of the most common dress codes for a wedding is cocktail attire. These are the types of weddings that leave room for the guests to have fun with their outfit choice, as long as it’s appropriate and still within the semi-formal guidelines. You can wear a dress decked out in sequins or show off your style with fun shapes and ruffles, like the mermaid gown with layered, slightly scalloped ruffles on the dress above.

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