GoodWheels Client Expresss Gratitude for “Going the Extra Mile” to Provide Critical Medical Transportation

Before becoming a client of Goodwill of Colorado’s GoodWheels community transportation services in March 2022, Cathey was a seasoned driver with no concerns about transportation assistance until a serious shoulder injury, subsequent surgery and other emerging medical issues left her mobility challenged. Fortunately, years prior, Cathey started using Goodwill’s in-home care services due to aging issues and her case worker gave Cathey an information flyer about GoodWheels, which she kept on hand just in case.

“I feel very blessed by my experiences with GoodWheels and their staff; they are dedicated and kind.”            

Cathey is outspoken about her positive experiences with GoodWheels and enthusiastically endorses its door-thru-door services to friends and neighbors, declaring: “I was blown away. These people help you; they are so dedicated and kind, and this service is free for me.” Cathey is especially complimentary of GoodWheels’ drivers, whom she describes as “amazing, sweet, funny and trustworthy.” She also appreciates their willingness to go the extra mile in addressing her needs—flexing with her ever-changing schedules, and even checking in during her medical appointments to make sure she’s okay.

Cathey also praises GoodWheels for keeping safety and convenience top priorities—including a state-of-the-art mechanical lift that assists her on and off the transportation van, and high-grade seatbelts, straps and docking station to keep herself and chair fully secured. “I get the best of care; I feel very cared for and important to them,” Cathey says. And while realizing that transportation is a necessity for her daily living, she also treats her trips with GoodWheels like a day out, less any concerns about navigating commuter traffic or arriving on time for an appointment.

Other individuals like Cathey seeking door-through-door transportation services with GoodWheels can learn more and schedule an appointment by visiting our website or call (719)-442-2077.

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