Meet the Team: Darin Rose, Facilities Management Instructor

Goodwill of Colorado’s Facilities Management Pre-apprenticeship training provides participants the opportunity to learn about facilities management, sustainability, and soft skills in preparation for an industry career. This program is carried out in partnership with the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) and the City of Denver’s Good Green Jobs initiative. The Facilities Management Pre-Apprenticeship training is taught by IFMA volunteers. Darin Rose teaches the Essentials of Sustainable Facility Management. This course is part of IFMA’s core training materials and teaches students how to make a building more earth-friendly through facility management practices.

In addition to teaching the Essentials of Sustainable Facility Management course, Darin works full time as a Director of Facility Services for a credit union with twenty locations in Colorado. Because the Facility Management Pre-Apprenticeship courses are taught by instructors who work full time Facility Management jobs at other businesses, students can hear firsthand how the material they are learning relates to business. For example, Darin’s company recently completed a new headquarters construction project.

Darin’s favorite part of teaching this course is seeing students flourish. “Each class has been great and different.” Darin said. “The first cohorts had students unfamiliar with facility management and sustainability and to see their growth and confidence in their presentations was amazing.”

Darin looks forward to supporting the Facility Management Pre-Apprenticeship program efforts to bring new people into the industry and help them find their best career path.

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