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Our Vision

We transform people’s lives.

Our Mission

We help people overcome barriers to economic and personal independence through education, training and job placement.

Transforming Lives Since 1918

Goodwill of Colorado provides career development resources and life-skills training for more than 127,000 Coloradans each year—including military veterans, seniors, youth, and individuals who have a disability or barrier to employment. Through our retail stores, donations, community partnerships and recycling efforts, Goodwill has worked for more than a century in Colorado to ensure individuals have access to career and life pathways that allow them to live to their fullest potential.

Melissa BriggsIn 1918, Melissa Briggs founded the Denver chapter of Goodwill, the first in Colorado. She was often seen around town riding her bicycle, collecting donations and discarded items. These items were then cleaned, repaired, and given to people in need.

More than a century later, Melissa’s spirit of helping others is present throughout the Goodwill community. Our donors, shoppers, program participants and employees embody Goodwill’s vision: We transform people’s lives.

Goodwill empowers Coloradans to unlock their full potential

Today, Goodwill of Colorado is a registered 501(c)3 organization led by President and CEO Karla Grazier, our executive team and board of directors. Any donations made to Goodwill are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines. We use financial contributions and proceeds from the sale of donated goods to support our programs which help Coloradans in need. Goodwill of Colorado is a BBB-accredited charity, is GuideStar Platinum rated and has been recognized by Goodwill Industries International for operational managerial excellence.

Goodwill organizations are individual entities each with its own leadership team and board of directors, but frequently collaborate and share best practices. This enables each Goodwill to tailor its outreach and community programs according to the unique needs of its community under the unifying goal of empowering independence. To learn more about Goodwill Industries International click here.

As a social enterprise, Goodwill of Colorado contracts with numerous local businesses, military bases and other partners to provide professional janitorial and commercial laundry services, document imaging and fleet maintenance. Proceeds are reinvested in our programs to grow our mission.

Our Values:

  • People Matter
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Stewardship
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration

Our impact across Colorado:

How your Goodwill transformed lives in 2022

This impact is possible because of you: our donors, staff, board, volunteers, shoppers and business partners! Thank you!