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FY 2022

Goodwill of Colorado welcomes questions and feedback on our social media accounts related to all of our programs and services. We strive to maintain an online community that reflects our mission and serves as an informative resource for our shoppers, participants, donors and supporters.

When posting comments or questions on any public facing forum, please exclude personal information such as email addresses, home address, phone numbers, etc., as all social media platforms are a public forum. All public facing posts are monitored for appropriateness and timely follow up. Comments or media such as images, videos, etc., containing graphic content, slanderous or unfounded remarks or falling outside the scope of Goodwill of Colorado’s programs and services will be removed immediately. Continued disregard for this policy will result in contributors being banned from the Goodwill of Colorado’s social media accounts and blocked from future postings.

When posting on Facebook or other online channel, whether on their personal page, or on the page of Goodwill of Colorado, employees are encouraged to keep in mind that they represent the organization. As such, employees should refrain from posting any profane, libelous, or defamatory comments or content on any public facing platform.

By accessing and commenting on our social media accounts, you agree to comply with each respective platforms’ Terms and Conditions, along with Goodwill of Colorado’s COMMUNITY GUIDELINES.

We respect the opinions and privacy of our community. For operational or customer service concerns, please contact us through our website: https://goodwillcolorado.org/about-us/contact-us/

To file a Questionable Conduct report, visit our third-party, online reporting service, EthicsPoint (http://www.ethicspoint.com/).