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Goodwill’s mission starts with you.

When you make a financial contribution to Goodwill of Colorado, you’re not just giving a gift—you’re making an investment in people, and in the future of Colorado. In 2022, your support helped 127,287 Coloradans live more independent and fulfilling lives through our community programs. The best part? Click here to read about Goodwill’s impact on the community.

Join us in changing lives today!


Donations may also be made via check payable to “Goodwill of Colorado Foundation,” which will support Goodwill of Colorado and its community programs. Please send your donation to:

Goodwill of Colorado Foundation
1460 Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

To cancel a recurring gift, please contact Alison McGilchrist at (719) 352-1034 or amcgilchrist@goodwillcolorado.org, or Jen DeVries at (719) 318-5319 or jdevries@goodwillcolorado.org.

Enterprise Zone

Extend the power of your donation! Gifts of $250 or more may be eligible for the Enterprise Zone state tax credit. Click here for details.

Other ways to give

In addition to cash gifts that can come in the form of an outright gift, a pledge or a planned gift that generates income, Goodwill offers many ways to make a difference in your community.

The Good Will Society

The Good Will SocietyThe Good Will Society was formed to recognize and thank individuals who believe and invest in our future by including Goodwill of Colorado Foundation as a beneficiary of a planned gift through their estate. Membership is granted with written notification that you have included Goodwill as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement plan, insurance policy or other life income gift. No minimum gift amount is required.

The Good Will Society member benefits

  • Invitations to The Good Will Society social events
  • Opportunity to establish a named endowment in your name or the name of a loved one
  • Recognition on our Friends of Goodwill Recognition Display and in our Annual Report (optional)

Colorado Gives Day

This annual statewide movement celebrates philanthropy across the state through online giving. Usually falling on a Tuesday in early December, Coloradans are encouraged to participate by donating to their favorite charities on Colorado Gives Day, but you can give to Goodwill on ColoradoGives.org year-round! You can also setup recurring donations and schedule your donation ahead of time to be processed on Colorado Gives Day. Click here to support Goodwill on Colorado Gives Day!


Donating long-term appreciated securities may allow you to avoid capital gains taxes and receive a charitable income tax deduction. To transfer securities to Goodwill of Colorado Foundation, please call 719-428-8564.

Matching Gifts

More than 8,000 employers nationwide offer matching gift programs that provide an easy way to double or triple your contribution. Even past gifts, and gifts from retirees and spouses, are sometimes eligible for a match. To find out if your company will match your gift, contract your Human Resources department for a matching gift form to submit with your contribution.

Real Estate

Open the door of opportunity to others by donating your property to Goodwill. You can give the property outright (and still live in it for the rest of your life), place it in trust or give it by will. All of these methods will enable you to enjoy personal financial benefits while supporting Goodwill’s mission in a meaningful way.

Retirement Plan Assets

Did you know that donating to Goodwill of Colorado via an IRA Charitable Rollover, also known as a Qualified Charitable Deduction (QCD) can help donors age 701/2 and older avoid penalties for failing to withdraw your minimum required distribution? Contact us to learn how to optimize the impact of your gift! Our Vice President Marketing and Development Alison McGilchrist can help you navigate this process; please contact her at (719) 352-1034.

Tax-deferred retirement plans, such as IRAs, 401(k) and 403(b) accounts are a major factor in financial and estate planning as well as gift planning due to their tax-deferred nature. Since the tax is deferred on these assets, at death they are potentially subject to both estate taxes and income taxes. If the transfer of the retirement accounts to the surviving family members is not handled properly, the retirement assets could be subject to as much as a 65% combined tax.

Consider using retirement plan assets to make gifts to Goodwill of Colorado, which is tax-exempt. Currently, the most efficient way to pass retirement plan assets is at death by naming Goodwill of Colorado Foundation as the designated beneficiary on the retirement account documents. The beneficiary designation can be for a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the retirement account. Lastly, you can insert instructions into your will or revocable trust stating that charitable contributions should be made first from the retirement plan assets before any other assets are used. Fulfilling charitable bequests with retirement plan accounts avoids the potential taxes on these accounts.

Gift & Estate Planning

Gifts made as part of your estate plan, which often benefit you now and Goodwill of Colorado later, are known as planned gifts. Benefits of gift planning may include reducing your taxes, increasing your annual income, perpetuating your family name and fulfilling Goodwill of Colorado’s mission.


Remembering Goodwill in your will or revocable trust allows you to make a significant gift and maintain control over your assets during your life. The terms of your will or revocable trust are flexible and can be changed throughout your lifetime should you decide to modify your charitable bequests.

The charitable bequest can either be a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the total estate or a percentage of the residual estate.

Sample Bequest Language

Gift of specific dollar amount:

“I hereby give to Goodwill of Colorado Foundation the sum of $________.”

Gift of specific percentage of estate:

“I hereby give ____% of my estate (or “my Trust assets” if using a Living Trust) to Discover Goodwill of Goodwill of Colorado Foundation.”

Bequest with Goodwill of Colorado as Contingent Beneficiary:

“In the event any of my above-named beneficiaries have not survived me, I hereby direct their shares to be distributed to Goodwill of Colorado Foundation.”

We want to hear from you!

For more information or for questions regarding financial donations, please call Alison McGilchrist at (719) 352-1034.

Effective August 21st, our donation hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday at all stores attended donation centers. Our Sunday donation hours will stay the same from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.