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Are you interested in meeting your Goodwill co-workers throughout the state?
Do you have ideas for Goodwill’s reward and recognition program?
Have you participated in a diversity, equity and inclusion discussion?
Do you want to make a difference in shaping Goodwill’s culture?
Would you like to help create a fun work environment?
Do you like to have fun?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would love for you to join GoodLinks.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to join one of three sub-committees:
Culture and Diversity (it’s all about you); Teambuilding (go team!); Connections (call me, maybe).

We need your expertise, passion and interest. Please consider joining to help with one event or several, based on your availability and interest. It’s your time, it’s your choice, it’s your Goodwill.

GoodLinks Charter

The GoodLinks committee aims to increase employee engagement, promote awareness and activities that support Goodwill’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and enhance intercompany communication channels to reach Goodwill of Colorado’s geographically vast workforce.

Culture and Diversity

Membership / Composition Sponsors: Jane Drury / Luci Cruz-Laporte / Karen Gordon

Promoting our core values and celebrating our team members

Consider volunteering to help organize or participate in an event to promote employee engagement:

  • Work anniversaries, birthdays
  • Reward & recognition program
  • Peer to peer kudos
  • Job promotions
  • Cultivating our values
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion forums
  • Job board
  • Organizational trainings – unconscious bias
  • REC’ing crew safety activities

Membership / Composition Sponsors: Erica Skolasinski / Shery Richer

Engaging our Team Members through celebrations and fun.

Proposed activities:

  • Potluck / pizza day
  • Collaborations with other teams
  • Team spirit days
  • Motivational huddles
  • Creating a stress-free work environment
  • Holiday / heritage celebrations
  • New employee buddy system
  • Walking meetings
  • Daily stretches

Membership / Composition Sponsors: Shawn Davis / Stephanie Bell

Creating connections

Proposed activities:

  • Area fun runs
  • Online book clubs
  • Recipe exchanges
  • Community events – in person and virtual
  • Activities highlighting mission
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Virtual tours
  • Communications – get to know your “virtual” neighbor tours

Team Photos

  • To link up with GoodLinks or for more information, please complete the following.

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Effective Tuesday, April 30: Our Aurora Outlet located at 13600 E Mississippi Ave. will be closing effective Tuesday, April 30. Beginning Wednesday, May 1, donations can be dropped off at our Havana (10590 East Colfax Ave., Aurora) and our Iliff (15509 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora) store-side attended donation centers. You can still shop our nearby Kearney Outlet located at 4355 Kearney St., Denver. Thank you for your understanding and support during this transition.