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Employer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I have job openings I need filled. How do I get started?
Simply call our Colorado Springs office at 719-884-7931 or Denver office at 303-535-9448, or email us at gss@goodwillcolorado.org. A staffing professional will promptly address your questions, walk you through the process and visit your workplace to get a sense of your work environment and culture—typically, the same day you contact us. We understand your time urgency and constraints, and pride ourselves on rapid response.

How can I be sure the employee you send has the skills I need?
Our staffing team form close relationships with our business customers so that we know your unique needs and can find a perfect match. We also recruit and screen a high volume of applicants and administer various tests and skills assessments to make sure you receive the most qualified candidate.

What type of testing can you do for potential employees?
We can administer a wide variety of behavioral and skill assessments, which are customizable to your work culture and expectations on the job. You can discuss your specific needs with your staffing representative.

What kinds of jobs can you help me fill?
At Goodwill Staffing, our placements range from entry-level to managerial, and everything in between. You can discuss your specific needs with a staffing professional to discuss a tailored recruitment approach. If we don’t have the right candidate already enrolled, we will find them utilizing our extensive recruitment resources.

What makes Goodwill Staffing different than national staffing agencies?
Goodwill Staffing is an established, local, full-service staffing agency in partnership with Goodwill of Colorado and committed to fulfilling the Pikes Peak region and Denver area employment needs. Our philosophy is that personal relationships and in-depth knowledge of employers’ needs result in successful employee placements. We offer a single point of contact dedicated to meeting your unique needs. As a local non-profit, our costs are lower and your dollars stay in our region—supporting your families, friends and neighbors.

I really like the employee you sent us. Can I hire him or her as a permanent member of my staff?
Yes. We provide each placement a transition period, allowing the employer and employee to assess their situation. At the end of this transition period, you’re free to hire the employee without obligation to Goodwill Staffing. If you’d like to permanently hire your employee before the transition period is over, we offer one of the best conversion schedules in the business.

What does Goodwill Staffing do with the fee I pay?
The majority of our fee is applied to workers’ wages. The balance covers Goodwill Staffing’s administrative costs, in addition to supporting Goodwill of Colorado’s life-changing programs and services serving individuals with developmental and economic disadvantages in our region.

Where are you located?
Our Colorado Springs office is conveniently located at 1460 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Our Denver office is located at 15445 E Iliff Ave., Aurora, CO 80013. Click on the link below for contact information. We look forward to seeing you soon! Contact Goodwill Staffing


Pikes Peak Region Office
1460 Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
PH: (719) 884-7931

Denver Office
15445 E Iliff Avenue

Aurora, CO 80013
PH: (303) 535-9448


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