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Your Things Transform Lives.

Everyone has a past, even the donated items we receive every day at our retail stores and donation centers. It’s what we do with the future that matters.

Since 1918, Goodwill has been changing Coloradans’ lives through the power of work. With a belief in possibility and the power of second chances, donated items can help create new lives for thousands of Coloradans each year. 

Meet Jasmine

Throughout her childhood, Jasmine bounced between different family households, which eventually compelled her to strike out on her own at age 17. However, Jasmine quickly learned that independent living had its own challenges. She worked multiple, low-paying jobs to keep a roof over her head but eventually lost employment, was evicted from her residence and experienced homelessness.

Jasmine’s life took another unexpected turn when she became a single teenage mother. The darkest day of Jasmine’s life arrived when she received a phone call from the baby’s father sharing that her two-year-old daughter had drowned in a tragic accident. At that moment, Jasmine “gave up” and turned to alcohol to ease her pain and loss.

After seeking treatment in a drug recovery program, Jasmine enrolled in Goodwill’s BankWork$ program, where she received all the resources needed to successfully complete the eight-week career course. She now works as a Client Relationship Consultant with US Bank.

Jasmine’s success in the BankWork$ program has given her an opportunity at a renewed life with unlimited potential, all because of your generous donations.

How Can I Help Transform Lives?

Your donations create new opportunities for Coloradans like Jason, Tammy, Melissa and Jasmine through education, training and employment opportunities. Watch their stories below.

With nearly 50 retail and donation locations statewide, shopping and donating supports people with economic, developmental and other challenges, so they can overcome barriers to economic and personal independence.

Find a location near you!

Learn how your donated items help Coloradans overcome obstacles on their way to greater independence.