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Goodwill’s Possibilities program is a first-of-its-kind in the nation 14,000 square-foot simulated community using a highly-innovative and successful learning model and advanced curriculum that engages program participants through a series of new interactions and experiences–including individuals with mental, emotional, physical and social challenges.

Possibilities recreates everyday living activities while encouraging safe and unlimited learning. In this tactile environment participants develop new life skills, and build their self-esteem and confidence.

Evidence-Based Research & Skills Applications:

Possibilities is the culmination of nearly 10 years of intensive research and collaboration with clinical and academic experts in the field of learning challenges—including top consultants from the University of Illinois.
Drawing from evidence-based research findings, Goodwill’s Possibilities program focuses on four key areas of skill development:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Education & Academics
  • Time Occupation
Possibilities’ Community Connection

What makes Possibilities truly spectacular is that the program directly connects with the local Colorado Springs community. Through partnerships with local businesses, participants apply newly acquired skills in their everyday life by engaging and interacting with the community around them. While some Possibilities participants may not be able to become entirely self-sufficient, all participants experience significantly higher levels of personal independence – making Possibilities a truly amazing and life changing reality.

Whether you’re seeking a full-day program or specific program modules for a loved one with developmental challenges, Possibilities stimulates and motivates participants by introducing a new dimension of education, recreation and engagement. By wrapping a complete interactive experience around each participant, Possibilities becomes a new environment and a more interesting world.

Possibilities’ Town Square Environment

At the heart of Possibilities is the Town Square, where participants gather at the beginning of each day to interact with each other, listen to announcements and even engage in warm-up exercises. The Town Square also hosts celebrations highlighting participants’ progress and accomplishments, aligning with the center’s welcome sign for participants stating: “Where the Journey Begins.”

Teaching Curriculum

Through its highly-advanced programming, Possibilities is all about proactive and personal choices. Participants engage in hands-on experiences and learning with an emphasis on taking self-directed initiative that lets them to leads more purpose-filled lives and reap the benefits of their personal accomplishment through a reward system that allows them to earn and spend “Possibilities Money” in the town’s General Store.

Possibilities uses a three-tiered learning approach that includes learning practical skills in a classroom setting, practicing those skills in Possibilities simulated community and then applying what they learn out in the community.

Customized & Innovative Services Focused On …

  • Creating an engaging, non-threatening environment where individuals can learn at their own pace and developmental levels.
  • Offering specialized training and assistance with optimal staff-to-client ratios.
  • Providing unique activities and opportunities to minimize time spent in clinical or other formal settings.
  • Building and enhancing decision-making skills.
  • Exploring and expanding personal interests and strengths.
  • Utilizing evidence-based training and pre- and post-assessment components that provide tangible outcome measures for each participant.

Call (719) 785-9210 to learn more.

“My Possibilities participant has been in three different day programs, and Possibilities is the first program that provided her with enough structure and learning moments to really flourish. Possibilities provides programming that allows her to process at her own speed, learn in a variety of ways and to be an individual. I have begged for a program like this and I can’t believe the change I’ve seen in her. The staff is FANTASTIC, I have every confidence that they are closing the loop and I know she’s safe at Possibilities.”