Re-Blogged from the Goodwill Blog By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

Your interview just wrapped up. Now what? Should you just go home and wait for their decision? Let’s explore how you can do all you can to effectively follow-up on your interview; learn more here.

#1 Thank you

When possible, email and mail a thank you note. When time is of the essence – perhaps they are making a decision in a day or two – an email might be the only option. Your message should be brief expressing interest in the position and thanking them for interviewing you. Mention something of note from your interview conversation, perhaps taking the opportunity to clarify your response to one of their questions.

Send a thank you to each person with whom you interviewed. Do your best to alter your wording in case they compare notes on your follow up.

#2 Checking in

When there are a couple weeks or more between your interview and the next step in the hiring process, about a week after the interview, share news of interest to the employer. Send a brief note restating your interest in the position to help you remain front of mind with the employer.

#3 Agreed upon follow-up

If the employer gives you a timeline for next steps, ask whether it would be alright to contact them if you haven’t heard from them by that time. If their timeline has passed, call to let them know your name, the position and date of the interview, the person with whom you interviewed, and mention that they’d encouraged you to follow up if you hadn’t heard anything by then. Speak clearly, slowly, and professionally to let them know you understand timelines can get pushed back. Restate your interest in the position and that you look forward to hearing from them; state your name again and say your phone number twice.

Hiring is sometimes a long process. Do what you can to remain front of mind with the employer as they make their decision.

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