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Questions about the new Bag Fee? We can help with that!

  • What is the Bag Fee?
    • The bag fee is $.10 per plastic and paper bag used to bag shopper goods and went into effect July 1, 2021 in the city and county of Denver. It is meant to encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bag each time they shop, instead of being charged a fee.
  • Do other counties or cities in Colorado have this rule?
    • Yes, cities including Boulder, Durango, and Basalt have bag fees. The Boulder fee has been in place since 2013.
  • What do the fees go towards?
    • The majority of the fee goes to the city for uses such as administering the fee on Disposal Bags programs, public information programs on reducing the use of disposable bags and other single use product and providing FREE reusable bags to the community. The city of Denver is hosting events where individuals can receive these free bags. The remaining part of the fee will be used for the administration, training and enforcement of the new program at retail locations affected by the fee. In addition, some will go to the public education and marketing of waste reduction efforts.
  • How can I avoid paying the $.10 per bag fee?
    • You can avoid paying the $.10 fee by using your own bag that you bring with you to the store. You can also choose not to bag your purchase.
  • Why should I bring my own bag?
    • Goodwill is one of the largest recyclers in the nation and is committed to the sustainability, safety, and beauty of our environment. Most disposable plastic bags end up in the landfill or as litter. When customers bring their own bag, they help reduce waste, prevent litter, beautify our community, and protect wildlife.
  • Can I reuse disposable plastic and paper bags I already have?
    • Yes, the fee is only charged the first time a single use bag is given to a customer. Any type of bag can be brought to the store for reuse.
  • What if a bag rips – do I have to pay for two?
    • No, accidents happen—you do not have to pay for the torn bag!
  • Is anyone exempt from this rule?
    • Yes, people who use assistance programs like SNAP or EBT do not have to pay the fee.
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