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Random Acts of Kindness Don’t Have to Be Big

Random acts of kindness don’t have to be big to be impactful, just heartfelt.

Such was the message received by volunteers hosting a Give Back event at the Goodwill retail store at 10590 E. Colfax Ave. in Aurora, Colorado. One summer day in 2021, the trio from Store Space spent approximately two hours paying for patrons’ items at the register.

“It is so nice to get something in this day and age for free,” exclaimed one woman who was purchasing multiple items. “People don’t care, so thank you.”

All told, the team spent approximately $200—not an exorbitant amount, but the team is excited to take the Give Back campaign to additional Goodwill retail locations in the future. The team videoed the event, which can be viewed on Facebook or in the video below.

“It was surprisingly rewarding to see the positive reaction of so many people, whose lives we touched in a small but meaningful way,” said Greg B., one of the Store Space volunteers who could be seen on the video talking with customers and making the purchases on their behalf. “People really couldn’t believe that it was happening to them.”

“What is Store Space?” one shopper asked after seeing the logo on one volunteer’s shirt.

“We’re a self-storage company that’s motto is, ‘Storage That Cares,’ so we’re trying to go out and spread some goodwill,” the employee replied.

“This was an amazing experience for the team,” exclaimed Jane Buckman, director of marketing for Store Space. “We hope to be able to do many more events like this, not only here, but at other locations around the company.”

“We are so grateful to Store Space for reaching out and putting a smile on our shoppers faces with random acts of kindness,” said Goodwill of Colorado Marketing & Communications Manager Ashley Furst. “Something so small can truly go a long way in making a difference in someone’s day!”

Store Space is based in Winter Garden, Florida. Since inception in 2018, the team has adopted the motto “Storage That Cares” in support of its ideals of giving back. The company sponsors national fundraisers throughout the year, as well as local charitable efforts such as food drives and give-back events.

“Not only does Store Space care about their customers and employees but also their community,” said Jessica D., also on the volunteer crew. “It’s encouraging to be part of something greater and seeing peoples genuine reactions while paying it forward.”

Although it was a slow day at the store, the team was able to interact with about a dozen shoppers.

“Excuse me, ma’am, do you mind if we pay for your stuff?” asked a Store Space employee as he approached another woman at the cashier. “Store Space is going around buying people’s stuff.”

The woman, purchasing some clothes, turned toward the camera and exclaimed with a smile, “That is beautiful, thank you so much!”

The team couldn’t have done it without the support of Tiffany H., the cashier, who could be heard reassuring some customers that the gesture was real.

The event was approved through Goodwill Colorado, which provides career development resources and life-skills training for more than 105,000 Coloradans with disadvantages each year.

This blog was originally written by Store Space and republished with permission by Goodwill of Colorado.

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