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Goodwill Team Member Highlight: What I Love About My Job Pt. 1

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month seeks to increase inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life and reduce the barriers that people with disabilities sometimes face.

Goodwill of Colorado provides career development resources and life-skills training for more than 124,000 Coloradans with disadvantages each year—including individuals who have a physical or developmental disability.

That’s why we’re honored to celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and all our incredible Community Program team members.

One such team member is Case Manager Shelley Higley. As Case Manager, Shelley works closely with individuals in the AbilityOne Program who are employed within Goodwill’s Commercial Laundry Services to ensure they achieve their employment goals. The AbilityOne Program is a nationwide program that partners with organizations like Goodwill to provide employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or have significant disabilities.

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When asked “What do you love about your job?” Shelley shares:

I love having the opportunity to help people. Every day, I work with individuals that face multiple barriers because of their disabilities and yet they have the tenacity to come to work and do a good job. I love that I am walking with them through their journey of employment and seeing the progress that they make. The accomplishments can be as small as remembering to clock in and out for the day or it can be as large as being recognized with an award for *Goodwill’s Annual Dinner. Either way, I know that I played a part in helping to reach that goal through coaching, teaching, demonstrating, and coordinating with staff. Because I too live with a disability, I feel compelled to not only help my participants, but to encourage them. I want them to know that I have my own limitations and struggles, but that I too want to do my best each day. I want to show them that I push through my problems and have been successful. I want them to know that I understand how it feels to have to adjust to the world around me. I feel that the understanding lends itself to encourage and inspire others. I love the opportunity to build a relationship and trust with others.

*Goodwill’s Annual Dinner is a community celebration of our mission: helping Coloradans achieve greater independence. We highlight the achievements of our incredible team members and program participants by presenting them with an award and sharing their amazing stories with our attendees.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of team members like Shelley, Goodwill of Colorado can continue to help thousands of individuals achieve greater independence. We believe every Coloradan should have the opportunity to realize their full potential and experience abundance. Our program staff play a critical role in helping our participants live to their fullest potential. Our mission is possible because of YOU!

Celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness by joining a community of people who are passionate about helping individuals with disabilities achieve greater independence! Visit our website to learn more about our available positions and to apply.

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