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Donate to Change Lives Today!

From blenders to boots, golf clubs to coffee mugs, your household item donations to Goodwill of Colorado help create new hope, new opportunities and new lives for Coloradans facing personal and financial challenges. That means your gently used donations to Goodwill are actually “Good As New!”

Your Donation Makes a Difference

By donating gently used housewares, you play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and minimizing unnecessary waste. Give your items a second life and contribute to a greener, more eco-friendly planet.

  1. Extend the Lifespan: Your housewares might no longer serve you, but they can have a prolonged life in someone else’s home. Give them a chance to be cherished once again, reducing the demand for new products and minimizing environmental impact.

  2. Reduce Carbon Footprint: Donating gently used items significantly decreases the need for manufacturing new products, helping to curb carbon emissions associated with production, transportation, and disposal.

  3. Promote Conscious Consumption: Inspire others to think consciously about their purchases. By sharing your gently used housewares, you’re encouraging a shift towards a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

Together, we’re not just donating goods; we’re giving the gift of a fresh start! Find a location nearest you at the button below and donate today.

Click Here for Locations & Hours

See how your donations create a kaleidoscope of good!

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