White Elephant Gifting Game

Are you looking for the perfect game for your upcoming holiday party? We just love this White Elephant Gifting Game from the Amazing Goodwill!

Let’s go over the rules, shall we?

1. Set a price limit and then head to Goodwill to purchase your gift! (Quirky and funny gifts are the most fun!)

Image from Woodland Park Store

Image from Woodland Park Store

2. Place all the gifts on a table. The identity of the giver is a secret. (In other words, don’t tell anyone which gift you brought and don’t ask which gift they brought.)

3. Number pieces of paper for each guest (one number per guest). Throw the numbers into a bowl, hat, bag – whatever works.

4. Have each guest pick a number. The person who picks “1” gets the game rolling by selecting a gift from the pile.

5. The person who picks “2” can either select an unopened gift from the pile, or “steal” the opened gift from player #1. If player #1’s gift is stolen, they select a new unopened gift.

6. Continue playing in numerical order so each guest gets to open (or steal) a gift. TIP: more stealing = more fun by keeping the game going.

7. After the last gift is opened, player #1 has the option to steal one last time.


So, bring a little Goodwill cheer to your upcoming holiday party with a fun game for all ages and if you’re looking for the perfect gifts, be sure to check out Goodwill first. You’re not just getting a great deal; you’re changing lives of Coloradans in need right here in our community!

Happy Holidays!

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