Meet the Team: Anjela Smith, Possibilities Apartment Instructor

Goodwill of Colorado’s Possibilities day program uses a town square model to teach adults with physical and cognitive disabilities life-skills. One of the most important parts of the Possibilities Town Square is the apartment, where clients learn a variety of skills, like cooking, cleaning, laundry and hosting to apply to their own homes. The Possibilities Apartment Instructor, Anjela Smith, works hard to ensures the curriculum taught in the apartment is applicable to each client, whether that is helping a client get settled in their own home or teaching a client new chores to help out their family.

Prior to working at Goodwill, Anjela was dedicated to completing her bachelor’s degree in Business. After graduating in 2022 ,she went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and is recertifying her personal trainer certification with nutrition accreditation.  In addition to school and work Anjela is also the mother to five children. Anjela was drawn to the Apartment Instructor job because of her own life experiences where she had to reteach herself life-skills and independence.

“Relearning things like how to live healthy, budget, banking, shopping, job skills, social skills, and how to cook again was incredibly hard” Anjela said. “I was able to relate the program to skills I had to reteach myself. I also have a niece with special needs and as she grows in life, I hope to see her graduate into a program like the one Possibilities offers – it gives me hope for her future.”

Not only is Anjela motivated by the future for people living with disabilities, her favorite part of the job seeing clients grow:

“It is hard to pinpoint one best memory, but some that stick out are a non-verbal student who has begun to greet staff and peers every morning, participants who are challenging themselves by going on new community outings, and those who spend time in the apartment learning how to cook. The growth, engagement, and the feedback I receive from the clients is beyond rewarding. I am looking forward to helping clients become more engaged in the world around them and expand their independence.”

Goodwill’s Possibilities is a first-of-its-kind adult day program focused on person-centered skill development and community inclusion conducted in an innovative town setting. The Possibilities simulated community spans 14,000 square feet and includes 11 unique centers, each focused on building new skills to increase independence for individuals with emotional, physical and cognitive disabilities. Visit our website or call (719) 635-4483 to learn more and schedule a tour.

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