Halloween Party Planning on a Budget!

By: Lindsey Gallardo

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and many people will be looking for spooky costumes and decorations to spice up their parties and get togethers.

To prepare for my holiday season, I visited my local Goodwill thrift store and found so many great items to incorporate into my own Halloween home décor this year!

Decorating my fire mantel:

fire mantel decorated for Halloween with Goodwill items

Photo credit: @4_seasons_settings

Goodwill has both new and gently used decorations including these awesome witch hats that I found. They originally had an orange ribbon on them, but I removed it and decided to hang them with some fishing line. They make for great points of interest and conversation starters floating from your ceiling over fireplace mantels or dinner tables. I also found the “BOO” banner from Goodwill and it fit perfectly over the fireplace. To tie everything together, I added a few candles, some faux pumpkins, and some orange bottle cleaner trees – which will be great to keep for Thanksgiving decor as well! Wreaths are a great addition to a door but think outside the box by hanging one in an entry way or above your fireplace to add a unique touch to your space.

It may be spooky season, but Christmas lights can be used year around with any decor, so I added a few to light up the decorations and make everything pop. Another great way to cozy up your home is by adding a blanket or a small accent rug. Goodwill also had spider webs and fake spiders for a great deal, so naturally I had to get some to make the fire mantel extra spooky!

Decorating your table settings:

table setting display for Halloween with Goodwill items

Photo credit: @4_seasons_settings

If you’re hosting a small dinner party this Halloween, Goodwill is a great place to find affordable glassware, plates and other dinner party essentials!

Here are a few tips to make your Spooktacular tablescape:

  1. Start by using a neutral-colored sheet or tablecloth for a base. I used a white one I already had on hand.
  2. Add some matching festive placemats. I found mine at the Goodwill and they really popped on top of the white tablecloth.
  3. Then get some white plates and silverware and glass cups if you’re going for a fancier look.
  4. Get creative with the napkins! I looked up a tutorial on napkin folding and decided to fold some black cloth napkins into fun bat shapes. The bats added such an impact on the overall look!
  5. Add some candles, any size works but remember to give your table depth by adding different sizes and shapes. You may even be able to find some candles at Goodwill!
  6. Lastly, look for unique decorative pieces like a small tombstone or skeletons to add to the table.

Pop a beverage and wait for your guests to show up! Cheers!

table setting for halloween party with items from Goodwill

Photo credit: @four_seasons_settings

Finding the right costume:

Whether you’re hosting a party or going out this year, Goodwill has what you need to create one-of-kind Halloween costumes at Spooktacular prices! They have everything from cowboy hats, wigs, shoes, accessories and pieces to even create a DIY costume from scratch!

I found both of these and thought how cute it would be to dress up with my little one while keeping warm! You never know in Colorado; we could get snow on Halloween or it could be warm so why not prepare for both? These costumes were not only affordable but comfortable and perfect for trick or treating!

mother and child family halloween costume purchased from Goodwill

Photo credit: @4_seasons_settings

Whatever your plans are for this Halloween, remember that Goodwill has some great deals on décor, costumes and accessories that suit all styles, all ages and shapes. More importantly, by shopping at your local Goodwill stores, you’re not only saving items from landfills, but also helping the health of our Colorado communities! So be sure to stop by often to have the best chance of finding exactly what you need!

For even more Spooktacular inspiration, DIY tutorials and to find a Goodwill store near you visit GoodwillColorado.org/Halloween!

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