Larry Langston: 2018 Independence Award Honoree

Larry Langston: 2018 Independence Award Honoree

Larry’s life-long achievements include a 36-year-long marriage, 20 years of military service and 16 years working in a highly specialized and classified work environment at NORAD. Despite his stellar military record and impressive professional portfolio, Larry’s life took an unexpected turn when he was laid off from his job due to one lacking credential: Security+ certification.

Suddenly, Larry transitioned from a tenured, national defense contractor to a pizza delivery driver. But the 57-year-old’s demotion to a minimum wage worker seemed like a minor setback compared to his bout with cancer, which he thankfully overcame. Then Larry’s dad passed away, followed by his mother. Still determined to succeed in the midst of his despair, Larry learned about Discover Goodwill’s LIFT IT training program, which offered Security+ certification, along with hands-on teaching and job placement support. The quick-witted, fifty-plus student not only soaked up the knowledge offered by his trainers, he mentored other classmates.

After completing the LIFT program, Larry received a job offer as a computer systems operator from another national defense contractor. Larry entered through Discover Goodwill’s doors seeking job security but received even more—namely, Security+, resulting in a rewarding career that allows him to enjoy time with family and much-deserved success.

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